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I'm a Dad of one hyper active kiddo who loves fish rather than meat. A caring and loving husband to my wife, Angie. An artist who loves to paint, draw and make crafty things. And a blogger who loves to write things about anything. Now what else did I miss....

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The BIG DADDY'S CART is a help blog for all fathers who does the shopping and marketing in the house. It will feature clothing, things needed in the house, goods, best buys in town and anything about shopping things. And of course will feature the price and where to get it. Dads are not that perfect but will try to learn and do what Moms can do when it comes to shopping.


This is my first post about shopping and buying things after my welcome post. To start this I just want to share my shopping activity last Monday. It was a rainy holiday. PGMA declared it a holiday to give honor for the INC leader.

Okay so it was raining and wife decided to let me do the grocery. She gave me a list of things to buy and the amount of money. I think its just a bit more than 10 items. So to cut the story short I went to the mall's grocery and started picking up all the items on my list. To my luck the list don't have any quantity. I called and sent her a text asking for the quantity but I guess she was busy with my son so I just assume. To my luck I got everything a little bit less than the amount she gave me. But when I got home some of the items were supposed to be only 1. But anyway I got them.


  • Check the list and the quantity - always make sure to check the list before leaving the house. Asked about the things to buy if you don't know it. Also make sure that there's a portion where it indicates the quantity.
  • Check the expiry dates - this is for your own safety most of the grocery stores put on sale those items that are near its expiry date so if you want buy them make sure you'll consume them before it expires. And also you don't want to buy an expired goods. So always check it.
  • Always look for cheaper alternatives - if you're on a tight budget always scout for something cheaper but equal in value. Sometimes known brands are more costly than the local ones. Also try to look for bonus packs. You can save much on this.
  • Know your grocery store - when going to the grocery store familiarize yourself with the location of the items. So the next time you shop you know where to find the items and you'll spend a little shopping.


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